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Thanks to Christine & Hannah Bass & Mick Randall 
for these photos of 2012's gorgeous displays!

 Louise Brainwood's cushions

Louise Brainwood's purses

Louise Brainwood's cards & notebooks

Kate Wilkinson's necklaces

Christine Bass' 'Catbells'

Christine Bass' 'Near Morebath' & 'From Wing to Mentmore'

Christine Bass' 'Southend Hill, Cheddington' & 'Near Aldbury'

 Christine Bass' 'Towards Wilstone' & 'Near Britwell Salome'

Mick Randall's bird bowls

Mick Randall's bangles

Mick Randall's stall

Susan Day's lamps

Susan Day's porcelain ware

Susan Day's porcelain hearts

Kirsteen Holuj's black pots

Mick Waterhouse's bronze owl

Kirsteen Holuj & Mick Waterhouse

 Anne Ratnarajah's basketry

 Anne Ratnarajah's willow lanterns lighting the garden

 James Sansome's Arctic Terns

 James Sansome

Homemade mini mince pies & brownies courtesy of Anne Ratnarajah

Cakes & biscuits in aid of Iain Rennie Hospice at Home