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I live and work in a small town in the Chiltern Hills. I am up at 6.30am, feed the dog, have breakfast and read emails. I’m out by 7.30 for a dog walk on the hills. I always take my camera; you never know what you’ll see, sometimes hares, or deer, or the red kites which are now very common here.

At 8.45 I start work, making shaker boxes or bangles to order or for a show. One day each week I try out new ideas. While most end up in the wood burner, some succeed. I always like to go to each show with something new. I work through the day listening to BBC Radio 4, the 11.30 comedy slot being my favourite.

I am self taught but the internet has provided a lot of information. The craftsmen from the USA are most generous with their help and I correspond with several.

There’s a group of crafts people who I’ve got to know really well and, when I do a show, it is like a day out with friends. The customers are nice too, some buy, some just talk, and some offer me timber. In October 2013 a storm hit the Chilterns and trees in the church yard of St Mary's, Princes Risborough, suffered serious damage. Kind friends contacted me and as a result I have lime, yew and boxwood drying in my wood store.