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Laurie's early inspiration came from visits to the Chelsea Flower Show. He was fascinated to see how art can complement and enhance plants and design. His wife was a Garden Designer and his early pots were made for garden settings, including planters, birds and water features.

He discovered coiling techniques early on and most of his pots are made using that method. There are no limits to the form and coiling can be used very creatively. The process of making pots, working with his hands, the physical nature of clay and how it can be transformed, are all crucial to his interest in ceramics.

His pots reflect aspects of his personality. There can be humour, the product of experimentation, personal challenge and a fascination with style. He is currently exploring form, texture and colour. He still produces pieces for garden settings but, increasingly, for internal display too.

His philosophy is to make pieces that please him and then, perhaps, they might please others. Through study and exploration, he is working towards the development of his own personal style. His inspiration comes from the world around him and from the many potters who continually open his eyes to new possibilities.